The Sound of Music

I can't say I loved Carrie Underwood as Maria in The Sound of Music last night, but I really enjoyed a number of her performances.  Most of all, I was glad to hear the lyrics of My Favorite Things.  Those words reflect the cornerstone of my spiritual practice.

After years (and years) of problem-solving and focusing on what's not working in life, I'm learning to shift my focus to what's working just fine.  And subsequently raising my awareness of what else is working just fine. From there I automatically notice what else, and what else, and what else, get the idea.  
By choosing my focus, I become aware of all the 'good' in my world.  All that's pleasing, desirable and lovely.  All that's worthy of my attention and my energy.  Because in fact, anything and everything is good -- even sacred -- depending upon my perspective.

So when Maria sings "I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad," she's actually stating a metaphysical truth: intentionally choosing what we think about changes how we experience life.

And that's music to my ears :)  

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. (Philippians 4:8)

Christmas Shopping

I was thinking about how early the focus on Christmas shopping seems to be this year -- and how I wish we could enjoy Thanksgiving before looking ahead to Christmas.  Then I thought: what are we trying to accomplish by starting the holiday season sooner than usual?

Well, some people may be trying to make more money.

Some people may be trying to find more time.

Some people may be feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied with their lives and are really in need of the Christmas spirit.

All reasonable considerations.  Except I don't think we can find what we're really looking for while shopping.

Because it's not in the shops or the mall or at the Yankee Candle outlet.

It's inside, right here, in our hearts.

All year 'round.

Quantity v. quality

I have lots going on in my life right now: lots of work, lots of friends, lots of clutter, (I thought when kids left, the house would feel empty?) lots of travel, lots of activity. Quantity is not an issue.

Quality is another thing. When my days are this full, it's the depth of my experience that I know I need to focus on. So, of course, the opportunity to remember how to do this showed up for me last weekend.  I audited a seminar I'd taken twelve years ago and re-experienced some of the most powerful teachings of my life.  Now I'm even more focused on staying present in each day, each encounter, and each moment. I'm purposely moving out of my head and diving more deeply into my heart.

And that's what I'm bringing to our upcoming retreat: the depth of my heart. I'll be sharing what it feels like to be present, mindful and live in the moment. I'll be coaching and facilitating from my heart so that each woman who attends can reconnect with who she really is, and with the beauty and joy of life. I'll be sharing techniques for engaging with love and with life at a deeper level.

So my question for you is this: are you ready to go for quality instead of quantity? Are you tired of skimming along the surface of your life and ready to go deeper, to reconnect to your heart, and experience the fullness of living? Then be on the lookout: God is forever offering ways for you to achieve this powerful level of awareness. 

And one of them is our upcoming retreat.